Can I Have Your Attention, Please? Treating ADHD Naturally

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By Dr. Anita Bratt ND

Imbalances & supplementing with nutrients

It is very difficult for children to learn when they struggle to sit still or pay attention. By taking a whole-body approach to treating ADHD, symptoms can improve. Nutrition is a good place to start to ensure adequate intake of essential brain nutrients. Children with attention problems are often deficient in vital compounds such as omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and vitamin D.

These all play critical roles in a child’s normal development, learning ability, focus and attention, cognitive function, sleep, and mood. Supplementing specific nutrients can quickly correct imbalances and relieve problematic behaviours.

Diet & how it can affect mood

Another important aspect of nutrition is diet. We don’t all respond the same to the foods we eat. So, identifying which ones are causing negative reactions in a child can be an important part of the ADHD puzzle. Simple tests can pinpoint inflammatory food reactions and give a picture of a child’s unique dietary needs. Food sensitivities can cause many different symptoms. For example, mood swings, brain fog, poor concentration, hyperactivity, and anxiety.

Once kids get the fuel their brains require to function properly, the result is a healthier, happier child. By evaluating diet and nutritional status, we can find important clues needed to get them back on track. We can help them reach their true learning potential.

Getting evaluated

Parents have several avenues for having their children evaluated for possible ADHD. First, they can discuss it with their child’s family doctor, who may provide a referral for assessment. They can also request an evaluation through their child’s school psychologist.

Additional local Kelowna resources include both public and private clinics. We recommend the BC Interior ADHD Clinic and Okanagan Ability Centre.

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