Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

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a tabletop view of gluten-free sweet potato shepherd's pie, with herbs around the bowl for decoration

A balanced and satisfying meal, this meat- and veggie-loaded shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping is full of nutrition. This dish freezes well, so you can go ahead and double the recipe and freeze one for a future meal. Feel free to substitute regular potatoes for sweet potatoes. 1 pound ground beef or lamb 2 medium carrots, peeled…

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Adrenal Dysfunction – Do You Have It?

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Seated tired man resting his head in a doorway due to symptoms of adrenal dysfunction

For most of our patients, chronic stress is a major component of what we work on. Stress plays such an important role in the maintenance of proper health, and when we are exposed to chronic stress, we can cause disruption in what is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA Axis The HPA Axis is […]

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