10 Holiday Hacks to Relieve Stress – the Naturopathic Way!

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Red holiday wreath on a wood background, highlighting holiday hacks to relieve stress over the holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for many of us, financially, emotionally, and mentally. Holiday shopping, or not being able to shop, family visits, cooking, cleaning, and the general state of year-end can bring about higher cortisol levels, sensations of depletion, inability to sleep, low energy and so much more. Below, find some easy-to-follow,…

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Natural Solutions For Seasonal Affective Disorder

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woman walking in light snow with trees in the background on a grey day; highlighting Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Fall can mean hibernation for many with the dark and dreary days of winter approaching in the Okanagan. The lack of sunlight and colder weather can have a severe impact on our mood. It can leave us feeling tired, depressed, detached and unmotivated. Like everyone, you may notice a cooler night here, maybe a…

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