Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms – Keto Friendly

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keto friendly sausage stuffed mushrooms

Now that the weather is beautiful and we are socializing a bit more, these are a delicious crowd-pleasing appetizer. These hearty stuffed mushrooms are loaded with cream cheese, spinach, and sausage. A quick tip on washing mushrooms – you don’t! Rather, take a wet paper towel or a wet cloth and wipe them down. Mushrooms…

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The Ketogenic Diet, Insulin & Weight Loss

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A person feeling great after experiencing the health benefits of the ketogenic diet such as weight loss

Have you tried the ketogenic diet yet? It’s been the latest trend in the last few years. But more importantly, it’s helped a lot of our patients (in the 40+ years category) to lose stubborn weight, reduce or remove medications, and feel great again! We decided to dive into the research to help solidify the…

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