Nature-based therapy: Forest bathing for women with breast cancer

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Lush green forest trail with mountains in background and sun peeking through trees, highlighting the benefits of forest bathing and breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and the second highest cause of female cancer mortality.1 Nature-based therapies (NBT) such as forest bathing (aka forest therapy or FT) shows promising research in its ability to upregulate the immune system in women with breast cancer. While most of us intuitively feel better…

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Mindfulness Helps Headaches in Teen Girls

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Thoughtful teenage girl with laptop on sofa suffering from headaches due to stress. This article outlines that mindfullness may be help.

It may surprise you to learn that teenagers report higher levels of stress than adults. In 2013,  the American Psychological Association’s annual report concluded that while stress among Americans was not new, teenager stress is growing, and teenagers cite school as the highest contributing factor. Recently, some schools have turned to mindfulness-based programs as a…

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