Don’t Suffer With SAD, Natural Medicine Can Help!

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Woman with shoulder length blonde hair and eyes closed sitting in bright light; relating to light therapy for SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, is a type of depression that is brought on by a change in the seasons. SAD begins around the same time each year. It starts in the fall as the days start getting shorter, and it is alleviated in the spring when the sun shines longer during the…

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Vitamin D Associated with Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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woman in sunlight; highlighting the risks of vitamin d deficiency

A recent study revealed that women with higher levels of serum vitamin D have significantly lower breast cancer risk.1 Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin. Rather, it’s a hormone that synthesizes in the skin and converts to its active form in the liver. Vitamin D has amazing health benefits, from lowering cardiovascular risk to…

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